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Q.  Do you do repairs?

A.  Only of my own work – I will repair pieces made by me for the whole length of their or my life at a reasonable charge.

Q.  Is there any sort of silver you don't have to polish?

A.  Alas no.  The easiest way to remove tarnish is with a silver polishing cloth (I use Town Talk polishing cloths) and Silver Dip just for the chains, not the piece.

Q.  Do you produce wax master patterns for the trade to their own designs?

A.  Yes - email or ring me to discuss.

Q.  Do you make items to order?

A.  Yes, if it is the sort of thing I can make.

Q.  I want to commission a specially-made piece from you – what will it cost?

A.  If it’s silversmithing, for instance a goblet or bowl, the cost depends on size and complexity. Small and simple is cheaper than large and complex. Prices start around £500 and go up to the price of a car. Jewellery tends to be less expensive, though a one-off will always cost more than a production piece, and the materials used affect the price.

Q.  What does a hallmark tell you?

A.  Who made the piece, where, when and what it is made of - all you need to know.  In the picture is an example of my hallmark.

The LD in a sideways figure of eight is the maker's mark, unique to me, and is stamped on everything I make.  The leopard's head is the mark of the London Assay Office.  The lion denotes silver, and the 925 shows that it is sterling - 925 parts in 1000.  The 'h' is the date letter for 2007.

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